WRCBtv "Outdoor ice skating coming to downtown Chattanooga"

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -  It's called "Ice on the Landing" and people will be able to rent skates and enjoy an outdoor ice skating rink on Chattanooga's riverfront for the first time.
Mark your calendars for November 28th, it's also the night of the Lighted Boat Parade, and its when this ice rink will be ready to go.

"This is our first ever outdoor holiday ice rink and people are super excited."
Early signs of Chattanooga's first riverfront ice rink can already be spotted downtown. Crews have set up flags and spray painted lines to indicate where the future 50' x 70' ice rink will be.
Chattanooga Presents came up with the idea and Volkswagen Chattanooga will be a major sponsor.

Carla Pritchard, owner Chattanooga Presents, said it's going to take a lot of work to turn this green space into a winter wonderland.

"So we have to make the sight lazer-level for instance, with tons and tons, literally, of sand," Pritchard said, "And we have a fairly moderate climate here and so it takes 24 hour power to keep those chillers running, to keep the ice frozen."

The ice rink will take over the green space in front of of Blue Plate on the riverfront for at least six weeks. If people love it and use it often, there's a chance the ice rink will stay even longer.

"Our contract is through Jan. 4th but I did make sure we had the flexibility to maybe add a week or two," Pritchard said, "If we decided it was a good idea."
To help out first-timers on the ice, players from Hockey Chattanooga volunteered to be at the rink.

"They were happy, they were thrilled, when they found out we're going to have a temporary ice rink," said League Commissioner Brandon Bewley, "So that's going to give them opportunity to help people learn how to skate on the ice."
Bewley hopes this temporary rink will draw more attention to ice hockey, and the league already in Chattanooga.

"We would like to have an ice rink. That is the number one goal for us here," Bewley said.

Currently Hockey Chattanooga uses an outdoor rink at the skate park, using inline skates for practices and games.

Tickets for Ice on the Landing are $10 for adults and $8 for children 12 and under. Tickets include skate rentals and two hours on the ice.