Statewide Ranking!

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  1. How much does it cost to skate? $10 for adults and $8 for children 12 and under. This includes skate rental.  Cash, credit or debit cards are all accepted.

  2. What if it rains?  Rain does not harm the ice, but a heavy downpour dampens the spirit of the skaters.  Ice on the Landing staff will determine any changes in schedule due to rain. Check our Facebook page for any updates on rain closures. If a skating period is stopped by the staff with over half the scheduled time remaining, rain checks for future use will be available.

  3. What if it's too hot or too cold?  The ice is not formed by the weather, it's formed by a chiller that runs 24/7, so it's never too hot to skate! When the temperature goes below 20 it’s uncomfortable for guests to skate, no matter how bundled up they are. Check the WRCB WEATHER APP and when the temperature goes to 20 or below, we will close the rink.

  4. Do you have gift cards?  Yes! Gift cards are a great way to remember or say Thank You to your favorite person. Cards are available at the rink for any amount over $10.

  5. May I bring my own skates to the rink? Yes. The fee will still be $10 or $8 to skate.

  6. What skate sizes are available? Child 8 to adult 14. Skate sizes are a little different to shoe sizes, so come try one of our skates if you think you are close to the sizes.

  7. What if I've lost something at the rink?  Go to the desk and ask them to look through Lost & Found for you.  Don't call, go by.

  8. Where is Ice on the Landing located? In the beautifully landscaped gardens of the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo at 1400 Market Street on Chattanooga's booming Southside.

  9. If we are visiting Chattanooga for Ice on the Landing, are there hotels nearby? There are hotels all over downtown Chattanooga.  Ice on the Landing is home at the Chattanooga Choo Choo, so it is the most convenient. Located adjacent to a CARTA garage, Ice on the Landing is serviced by the (free!) CARTA Electric Shuttle so any hotel downtown is on the CARTA line and convenient. For a list of convenient hotels go to

  10. Are there season passes available? Ice on the Landing offers a season pass for individuals for $100 and a family of four for $200. Contact for additional information or simply ask at the desk when you go skating.

  11. How long may I skate? Each ticket is good for a minimum of two hours of skating  There are no 'times' to skate, no reserved tickets, in fact, no tickets at all.  Each skater receives a wristband during busy times that allows for two hours of skating.    

  12. May I work at Ice on the Landing? We hire lots of temporary help.  If you are interested contact for more info.

  13. May I leave Ice on the Landing and come back the same day without having to pay again? No.

  14. May I be a spectator? Of course! Ice on the Landing has plenty of places for you to watch your friends and family skate while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.  

  15. What are the acceptable forms of payment?  Ice on the Landing accepts cash, debit and credit cards. There is an ATM on-site. No personal checks. Company checks will be accepted for large groups.

  16. Do you offer large group discounts? Yes. Groups with 20 or more will receive $2 off per ticket.  See PARTIES & PRIVATE RENTAL page for additional information.

  17. Where can I park? There is on-street parking and the CARTA Garage is directly adjacent to Ice on the Landing at 1400 Market Street.  

  18. Are there any available restrooms? Yes, indoor restrooms are available in the lobby of the Chattanooga Choo Choo.  Skaters must remove their skates if they leave the ice or rubber matted area.

  19. Can you sharpen my skates I own?  Yes, we are happy to do it, usually while you wait.  $10 charge.

  20. Are food and beverages available at the rink? Yes.  There are also several restaurants within walking distance of Ice on the Landing.  Adelle's is serving Nutella crepes, smores crepes, black bean/vegetable crepes and ham and cheese crepes, hot chocolate, hot cider, chai tea, soft drinks and water on site. Stir and Frothy Monkey are restaurants that are both open inside the Choo Choo.  

  21. What type of clothing should I wear? Ice skating is an outdoor activity and our rink is in the open. We advise patrons to dress warmly and for the weather. You must also wear socks if you plan to skate.  We have socks, gloves and hats for sale on site.  

  22. What do I do with my personal belongings?  Ice on the Landing will have limited storage in lockers for personal belongings. Please plan for any needs. Patrons’ shoes will be held in exchange for rental skates and will be held until the skates are returned.

  23. What if I don't know how to skate?  Ice on the Landing is fun for everyone, regardless of your skating experience. There will be knowledgeable rink guides available to assist you and answer any of your questions. We will have "skate buddies" available for a rental fee of $4. Lessons are offered on Saturday mornings, see Private Lessons.

  24. Is there a smoking area?  No.  Ice on the Landing and the Gardens are smoke free.

  25. Do I sign a waiver?  Yes.  Recognizing that ice skating can be dangerous, everyone who skates must sign a waiver that they take responsibility for any injuries for themselves and any person under 18 that they accompany.  

  26. I’m sending my child with a group, may I sign the waiver ahead of time? Yes, please drag this disclaimer off onto your desktop, print and sign it then send it with your child’s group.


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