Skate Sharpening

We are happy to sharpen your skates for you.  They can be done while you wait on most days and it is $5



Skating Lessons

Want to learn to skate or skate better?  We can help.  Each Saturday at 9:00 before we open to the public, you can have a one hour lesson.  No matter what level you are currently at, we will help you get to the next level.  We have instructors for every level and no reservation is required.  Just be at the rink at 9:00.  $20 per person.



What if I can't stand up?

Rent one of our Skate Buddies until you feel comfortable on your feet. They're fun for kids and adults as well.  $4 for your Buddy to help you skate.



What do I do with my 'stuff'?

The best answer is leave it in your car.  We have limited locker space at $5 per locker but the best thing is to not bring valuables with you to the rink.  



How about a Gift Card?

We have the perfect gift for your child's teacher, the yard man, the coach, any number of people who need a little something for the season.  Gift Cards to Ice on the Landing are available in any denomination starting at $10.



We want to come a lot!

Buy a Season Pass!  We have individual passes for $100 and family passes (family of four) for $200.  Ask at the desk and they'll get you fixed up and you may skate any time, for as long as you like, through January 21.



How about Birthday Parties?

We love to have birthday parties.  We can accommodate your child's friends and your family at an indoor party for 15 or more.

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