Jim Hubbard ~ I highly recommend "Ice on the Landing" for locals and visitors! They are fully staffed at the cashier, shoe/skate fitting area, and on the ice. It seems like the screening process was done perfectly, as everyone was helpful and happy. There was a very short wait to get skates (approx. 15 minutes) on a high demand day (Sunday afternoon). Super reasonable at $8 for 2 hours of skating per kid?!?! WOW. I thought is was going to be some $20 thing with extra $4-5 for skates,... We were so happy with the experience we will visit again before they leave. Why does it go away on Jan 18th though? Anyway, thank you so much for bringing this to Chattanooga every year. We are very lucky....
Rebecca Lynn5 stars - "We went today and had a blast! the service of the staff was wonderful. Took my 2 adult kids, both have autism, and it was a great way to have a little adventure. Hoping this will be a regular event each winter. Ice skating at an indoor rink is something we would be interested in seeing return to chattanooga but would also want this each winter. Thanks to all the staff for the great time today :) :)"

Branon Revuell Hoffman5 stars - "It's a lot of fun, everyone should come try it at least once"

Danelia Chappell5 stars - "My son and I had a great time when we attended. Everyone was friendly and attentive. We were given guidance and assistance when needed. I encountered encouragement without pressure. That was refreshing. My son decided to change his skates and did so with ease.
We had a very pleasant experience."

Johnnie Hoskins Jr.5 stars - "This event pending the return year after year will continue to get better and better. Great job getting it here Chattanooga Presents!"

Les Clarke5 stars - "The most FUN you will ever have ! Family and, friends have a blast watching people fall down. Just kidding ! We all have to learn how to ice skate. It is good for your self esteem. ♥"

Vikki Cole5 stars - "This is such an amazing addition to downtown! Come skate to the sounds of Christmas."

Debra Petty5 stars - "Looking forward to going.....we have needed this in are town...fun..fun"

Kelly Chambers5 stars - "The family and I had a blast! It is so nice to have an ice skating rink in Chattanooga!"

Tina Bralley5 stars - "Lots of fun for the whole family!"

Brittany Phifer5 stars - "So excited about this!!"

Stacy Lawler Durham5 stars - "I can't wait!!!!!!"

"We are so excited to see Chattanooga incorporate some holiday festivities, like iceskating in one of the most scenic areas downtown."
"What a wonderful idea for downtown Chattanooga, can't imagine why nobody has done it before.  Hope you will stay all winter long."
"I've never laughed so hard watching all the cute kids skating around with their folks.  One dad with his son under him and one of the walker things was just a hoot.  I don't skate but the bleachers are now my favorite place in downtown.  Thanks again!"
"Is there any chance that the date the rink closes could be extended???  Loving the ice, thanks so much."

"It was so much fun! Definitely coming back soon, and we hope you do it again every year!"

"Hi...very excited about Ice on the Landing."

"Excellent news that you are going to be on the Green through January.  We were sad to think it was almost over and now we have another month!"

"We love that everyone, no matter how poorly they do, can skate outside in the open.  It's so much more fun than inside, the view is great and the atmosphere is wonderful.  Thanks Chattanooga Presents for making our winter!"